Change It Up!

I started college the Summer of 2012 because I was in this program called Panther Pride. The program was great, I received six FREE credit hours and most importantly, the program helped to prepare me for the REAL COLLEGE DAYS ahead. I came in as an Education major but I decided to change my major so that I could obtain a scholarship. Even though the scholarship was THE reason I had a personal reason also; I LOVE to read.

I can’t neglect the fact that I changed my major my Freshmen year but I minored in education still with the ambitions of becoming an English teacher one day. I’m glad that i decided to change my major my first year because it is said that it is better to change your major the first 2 years of college because if you wait to change then you risk not graduating on time. Now I don’t know about some but I, myself refused to graduate any later than the four years I had set. If i had kept my minor as education then I wouldn’t be graduating on time either but I changed it and was able to get something that fit the classes I had already taken.

If you plan on changing majors check this link out where students discuss why they changed their majors.

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