Jam It Out!

I personally have always loved to listen to music and write creatively. For some people, writing and listening to music can be difficult because they start to focus more on the music than on their writing. However, music is about emotion and so is writing. If you are doing creative writing for a class or just for fun, it is good to listen to music while doing so.

Music can bring you to a place in your mind, a memory that you didn’t even know was there. Whether it is a sad song, a happy love song or just something to rock out to, a memory almost always resurfaces. All you have to do is start writing. Don’t think. Just write. Let it flow out.

Once you finish writing, read over it and make the corrections needed. Writing is about emotion, a passion for something. Listening to music can get you in touch with those emotions. Now I don’t recommend listening to music while writing a term paper for class though.

Some people agree and others disagree. Check out this link:



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