To Teach Or Not To?

Growing up, I went from wanting to be a doctor, a veterinarian, a lawyer and owning my own business to finally realizing that I wanted to teach. So far I am set on high school but about 20% of me actually wants to teach elementary or Pre-K3 because of my constant encounter with children in my family who I love to teach.

I realized that I had a passion for teaching over every other career field because of how I felt when I was in the third grade. I would come home for the summer with all of these workbooks excited to start summer school; for my little brothers. Almost everyday we would play school. I would teach them what I had learned and they would teach me what they learned. Their eyes would light up every time I would say “lets have class.” It took me a while to realize my passion but when I did I ran with it.

Teaching my niece, nephews, little cousins and my step daughter brings so much joy to my heart. To see children take an interest in learning, to enjoy learning and to know that I can change their lives is why I want to teach.

Check out this link of what some teachers say are the reasons they teach:

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