Ask Away

Growing up, adults always said “there are no stupid questions.” Well that’s easy to say but it isn’t easy for a child to raise their hand and ask the teacher a question. Fear of being laughed at by the other students is enough to keep all questions unasked.

Guess what though. The “humiliation” is avoidable and temporary.

“Ask Away” is my motto now. If I don’t want to ask a question during class then I’ll email the professor or go to their office hours. Understanding an assignment is the most important part. How can you expect to do the assignment and get a good grade if you don’t understand it. With my writing assignments, if I don’t fully understand how I am to approach an assignment I ask my professor. My approach to an assignment is to first understand it and that calls for questions to be asked. Even if I don’t get started on the assignment pronto, I ask questions pronto instead of waiting until the last minute.

I have a 1,500 word paper due and the very first step I took was to ask my professor EXACTLY WHAT AM I WRITING ABOUT? I’ve been to her office hours and she has had no problem with helping me. Asking questions at any grade level can mean the difference between an A or F!

There are steps to take after:

Question, Question Mark, Symbol


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