It is quite possible that I only get annoyed when someone uses incorrect grammar because I’m an English major. However, I can’t comprehend how people can butcher the English language by not knowing the difference between simple words and when it’s appropriate to use them.

I can scroll through my social accounts for literally six minutes and see hundreds of incorrect grammar usage. But wait, there’s more. The people that are using incorrect grammar have all graduated high school, have children and yet does not the difference between:

Your, you’re, you. There, they’re, and their. Was, wasn’t and went. Won’t and want. Are and or. Basically all homophones.

Now I won’t say anything about comma usage because I’m still learning, but I will say this; how you text your friends constantly and write on social media websites reflects how you will fill out a job application.

I’ve been known, when I was younger to text “lke diz” but I learned very quickly that if you do something long enough it WILL become a habit. I’ve made it a habit as I’ve become older to do everything using correct grammar. Yes it may make all my messages and statues long but I rather do that than to take the short way and create a bad habit.

There are other grammatical errors that irks some peoples nerves. Don’t believe me? Well click the link and read a few:


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