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Being an English major, a person might think that it limits their options. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t. Most English majors want to become teachers but what about those who major in English because of their love for it? Now you could just major in accounting and still read loads of books but what’s the fun in that? You can’t discuss it with other students because their main focus is on accounting. Or you could go to this English department and discuss it with a professor but what fun would that be?

To me I love being an English major because I get to hear 15 different POV’s and I receive 15 different ways to look at a story or a poem. Being an English major is about more than just reading. It’s about what you take from the reading. Even more majoring English doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher. There are millions of authors who did not major in anything and made literary history. You can major in English and find a career that pays more than a teacher’s salary. I however would love my teacher’s salary but not everyone wants to teach.

Don’t believe me? Well click below to find out more:


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