No Need to Fear, There’s No Shakespeare?

I read this article that said there are some of the nations top universities that don’t require English majors to take a course on Shakespeare.


How can students even learn about literature without learning about Shakespeare. It’s one thing to read one or two of Shakespeare’s plays in high school but it is another to have an entire class dedicated to his work.

Now there are professors at universities who agree. They agree that Shakespeare must be taught. I say Shakespeare must be taught because his works were a great influence on many other writers and even actors.

The article says that “rather than studying major literary works in depth, students are taught the rationale…that are heavily influenced by theories of race, class, gender and sexuality” but the issue with teaching about race, class, gender and sexuality is that Shakespeare’s plays incorporate all of it. Not do his plays have the biased decisions of race, class, gender and sexuality but to ONLY men could get on stage and act.

There’s no way possible to teach any subject without teaching about the past and the people who made numerous things possible or started to.

Read the article here:

William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Poster


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