To actually graduate with my BA in English in 4 years is a great triumph.

It’s hard to graduate on time because of multiple reasons. I thought that  wouldn’t be graduating unto Fall 2017, a year after my goal. Since I changed my major, couldn’t take my CUIN courses because my GPA was too low but I changed y minor and decided that I would take an outside program to gain my teacher’s certification.

It’s an accomplishment to finish undergraduate year at all. Not everyone can do it. Either they never wanted to go to college, they find out college isn’t for them, they don’t take enough hours each semester, etc. There are a million reasons why someone would not complete college. Completing college isn’t my only triumph though. I found out that I could actually write a paper that was more than three pages long. I still need some work but just to know that I can do it was a hug triumph. As an English major, writing is part of my name. Writing numerous papers all while hoping I graduate at all and not pull all my hair out is a triumph. No one field of study has it easier than another.

Going to college period is a triumph. Life is scary but you have to live it.

If you think you’re alone, you’re not. There are plenty of reasons why people don’t graduate in 4 years but they keep pushing. Read of the studies found.


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