Hi, I’m a Procrastinator!

My name is Caitlin and I’m a procrastinator. Although, in my defense my work will get done at least a day before it’s due, I have the tendency to start my paper ahead of schedule but then I always find way to mess it up. Either i start to binge watch television shows or I’ll get frustrated from another class or I’ll put it off altogether because the deadline is so far away.

The one thing I always tell myself is “once I have all my sources I’m in good shape.” I would start off going                                through my sources and then….nothing! To me finding my sources are the most important and crucial step. As                          long as I have all the sources I need to support my topic I figure I’m in tip top shape.

I’m positive that I work better under pressure. Although I do not recommend it to anyone. Once the pressure is on I start to place myself on a deadline so that I won’t wait until an hour before it’s to try to turn it in because you never know what could happen. I try to get it done at least a day ahead of time.

There are some ways that you can help with your procrastination:


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