Take A Break?

Ever just get so frustrated when writing a paper?

I know I have.

But getting frustrated while writing or even having writers block really sucks.

One thing one of my Professors told me was

Take a break!

Give your mind time to breath.

Fold laundry, play 52 pickup

Do a workout, eat junk.

Take a break!

While on your break don’t think either.

When you don’t think about something too much a lot can happen.

Take a break.

Watch a movie, color a Winnie the Pooh picture.

…….Too often we put the pressure on ourselves of finishing an assignment in a certain amount of time but by doing so tend to block our thought process. By taking a break, this time allows for use to recharge, rethink and let our ideas flow out instead of forcing them out. However, don’t procrastinate. Start the work two or more weeks ahead of time to give yourself time to take a break. While you are taking a break you might have an idea, if you do then jot it down and get back to your break. 15 minutes can mean the difference between an idea and a wonderful idea.

Don’t believe me? Well click this and see what someone else had to say:


Hiking, Relax, Mountains, Legs, Boots


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